Parenting #ActuallyAutistic during crisis – Day 42 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

Parenting is never easy. The pressure that society puts on parents and children is stressful. but when your child is #ActuallyAutistic that stress can be overwhelming, for your child and you. Especially in times of crisis. But it does not have to be. There is another way.

Hoarder? – Day 34 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

We underwent counselling for @PanKwake’s hoarding. I own the title prepper as you can see from this special edition. But in a time when I have not been able to get a grocery delivery for six weeks, when the shelves are still bare despite assurances that things would right themselves in a couple of weeks, and facing at least 12-weeks and possibly a year or more of self-isolation -those of you who condemn me for hoarding/prepping can *F*off.

Nurturing Our Young – Day 33 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

In these times of uncertainty, it is more than our gardens that need our love, attention, and tender loving care. Our children desperately need understanding, acceptance, unconditional love, and respect now more than ever.

My Child, My Responsibility – Day 27 UK Prepper Mom Special Edition

When I read the BBC article on homeschooling a nation I swa red. There was little truth in it. Learn why schooling as we knew it may not be the best thing for our children to return to.