TV…demon or friend?

Childhood obesity. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Violence and bullying in schools. Besides being headline grabbing issues, they share something else in common as well. Television has been listed as the blame for each of these…to one degree or another. But the reality is that in the world in which we live, few people rememberContinue reading “TV…demon or friend?”

Calming Your Hyperactive Child by Dr. Sabrina Dosani

Calming Your Hyperactive Child by Dr. Sabrina Dosani is part of the 52 Brilliant Ideas series by Infinite Ideas Press. And in complete honesty, this one is not worth your money. At £3.50 or about $5, this book does nothing more than collect traditional medical, psychological and educational theories and treatments for ADHD and spitContinue reading “Calming Your Hyperactive Child by Dr. Sabrina Dosani”

Unschooling a long term view by Sharon – Part Two

This week we are pleased to once again have the voice of experience with Sharon, who has ‘unschooled’ her eleven year old son Greg that has Asperger’s. *** Greg’s days are very much about his computer, his i-Pad and his videos. Recently, he’s into making cartoon movies, and has asked for various software. In 2006,Continue reading “Unschooling a long term view by Sharon – Part Two”

Unschooling a long term view – by Sharon

Join me for the first of a two part guest blog of an amazing young man with Asperger’s. Learn how unschooling has helped this young man achieve his maximum potential and the joy it has brought his mother.