#100 Days of Home Ed…Day ??

Seriously…so tired and peopled out that I don’t know what day it is. And don’t even have the energy to check my previous posts to find out.

Radical unschooling can be like that sometimes. This week is challenging as PanKwake does not have her Mog who is at uni. Plus she is on a ‘normal’ schedule…i.e. up during the day and sleep at night. So I am doing all I can to keep her busy…and happy.

Loads of that is home ed related…play dates and events. But it can get tiring. Thing is…

Home ed is a huge commitment to do whatever it takes for your child.

That is what and often why we do it. Even on hard days…or on great ones…and these past few days have been WONDERFUL, amazing…inspiring…and loads more. That does not mean that those kinds of days are not also tiring…just worth it.

So tomorrow I promise to actually figure out what day it is…and tell you some of the awesome stuff that has been going on at #HomeCrazzyHome.

Until then…a teaser…


Published by Tara Cox

Writer of Literary Erotica Real-life, hot sex, deep meaning... In my day job, I am homemaker, home educator, urban farmer, and homesteader at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

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