#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 97

Now any of my friends who have seen the Gaming/Art room at #HomeCrazzyHome know how passionate we are about providing PanKwake with resources for home education. But what my Swansea friends may not realize is that even before Cookie Monster came into our lives and swooped us away on the train to become Cinderellas in his life…I provided all those same things to PanKwake.

Where Do I Go From Here?

Where Do I Go From Here….Well, it is officially over…#100DaysOfHomeEd. And while I have not finished all 100 days, I will be doing so in the days ahead. Sort of like that marathon runner who crosses the finish line long after the crowds have gone home. That is me!

Oh, but what a time the past 100 days…three months have been. Just as we were moving into #HomeCrazzyHome and right in the middle of noisy electricians and dust that rivalled a small volcanic eruption…along came this opportunity.

My Job is Done…

Yesterday showed that neurodivergence does not have to be a disability. Not when the people in your life enable you to do the things that you want. Not when they make accommodations. Not when you have been given the skills to self-regulate your sensory issues and cope with the external environment.