How PanKwake Got Her Name…

Originally posted April 2nd, 2015


People on the autistic spectrum often fixate upon things. For PanKwake there have been many…Binweevils, Moshis, and most recently Shopkins. She has also become ‘addicted’ to Minecraft on her iPad. Anyone who thinks that autistic people lack creativity should visit her world there. She has also been fascinated by YouTube videos, especially gamers like Stampycat and her absolute favorite ihasCupQuake.

CupQuake is in many ways everything I hope that PanKwake will grow into in a decade or so. Her purple hair and status as a female gamer proclaim her individuality. The frolicking and funny videos that she posts with her husband Red shows a woman that is confident and self-assured. She is happy being who she is…purple hair and all. I could wish for little more for PanKwake.

So when we discussed going public with our story of being ‘different’ and I told her that we would need a pretend or screen name to go by, of course she wanted to be CupQuake Junior. I smiled and explained that we would need CupQuake’s permission for that…and that she and Red probably would want to save that name for their little girl if they have one.

PanKwake cooking pancakes
PanKwake cooking pancakes

Quick thinker that she is she decided upon PanKwake then. It is actually a better choice since pancakes are among the three dozen or so foods that she will actually eat…and cupcakes are not (maybe the icing though). What is more, she actually makes pancakes from time to time…supervised of course.

That is one of the best things about homeschooling a child on the autistic spectrum…you have the freedom to work on those lifeskills that schools so often think of as an after thought. So PanKwake cooks, runs and jumps in parks and is free to grow and develop at her pace. It is something that all children deserve but even more important for those like PanKwake on the autistic spectrum.

Today, Thursday, April 2, 2015 is #WorldAutismAwarenessDay please join me and PanKwake in spreading the word.

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