Sorry that I have missed a couple of days worth of blogs. But PanKwake and I have been myth busting…AGAIN.

One of the biggest myths of home education is that our children are isolated, at home lonely, and lack opportunities for socialization. Nothing could be further from the truth for the home edders I know.

In fact, I am a bit in awe of the amount of ‘peopling’ that PanKwake has CHOSEN to do lately. Honestly, it is beyond my tolerance level. I crave a nice quiet day at home…but I don’t see a let up in this week’s schedule either.

So what have we been up to this week?

Monday – Was as close to down time as it got this week. We had PanKwake’s carer Mog for a few hours. She had great one on one time, especially computers.

Tuesday – HUGE 4th of July party with over 20 people, BBQ and worksheets. Did I mention a water fight with the hose as the grand finale? Most of the people were her home ed friends…and only about half the people we invited were able to come. Shiver to imagine what it would have been like if everyone had showed up. Oh, and I forgot…Tuesday is our normal day with Pineapple and Cookie Monster Jr and that did not change.

Wednesday – Pineapple came over because we had forgotten to measure her fancy dress for alterations. The girls spent time playing on the computer as Mom’s collapsed on the couch. And they even got to see my messy house.

Thursday – It was back to Mog time. And more play online with Pineapple too.

Friday – And here we go…AGAIN. First, we were off to home ed sports day. This time it was bowling. Pineapple was too busy gettig ready for her big day. So on the spur of the moment PanKwake brought another little girl home with us for a couple of hours. One had no sooner left than it was Meow Meow’s weekly visit with us.

Saturday – Was Pineapple’s BIG day. It was a parade and community fair in her neighborhood. PanKwake actually tolerated close to half an hour taxi ride to be there to support her friend. The float that Pineapple, Cookie Monster Jr and their dad were on won the prize too. PanKwake had fun on the bouncy slide, tried her hand at archery, danced with the Zumba group and bought loads of stuff including a couple of new Barbies…well, new to us anyone. Then we took a bus back into town…the WHOLE way, folks. About 45 minutes on a PACKED bus…and she did it. We got her fav from Tater Man…and even tried his new waffles with nutella…not added to her approved foods list I am afraid. She fell asleep in the buggy as we walked home so I doubled back and took a cab home too.

Tater Man F

And today? Yes, I still do not get a break. There is a street dancing festival at the National Waterfront Museum. So after a brief nap, we are all off to that one for a couple of hours. Oh…and more Tater Man. I forgot to mention we stopped at his stall on Friday before bowling too. So taters three days in row. Maybe a new record for her?

So much for the myth of the poor home ed kid sitting at home all alone. Not this one. In fact, all of this is the core of her home education curriculum. Social skills with people of a vast range from toddlers like Mog’s niece whom she pampered at the 4th of July party to the wonderful elderly woman who helped us with a cup of ice and chair at the parade…the cab driver who kept her distracted with chatter all the way to Pineapple’s…and all people whose dogs she just had to pet. Then too there was the life skills of travel…in a unfamiliar car, her longest taxi ride yet, and also the longest, continuous bus ride since we moved here from London.

It has been an amazing if exhausting week…and it is not over yet. So I better get off here and get some food on for Cookie Monster before we all head out for more adventure.


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Writer of Literary Erotica Real-life, hot sex, deep meaning... In my day job, I am homemaker, home educator, urban farmer, and homesteader at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

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