Where Did My Spoons Go?

Yesterday was brilliant…wonderful…amazing. PanKwake gave it a 4 out of 5 (5s are reserved for LegoLand, Oakwood, and the like).

We had Pineapple and Cook Monster Jr. We took a taxi to gymnastics. Then another one to McDonalds. Then we walked down to the community center for home ed playgroup. When we got tired of that, we stopped by the pet store to look at bearded dragons on our walk home.

McDonaldsThen I started to crash. I knew going in that I would have to walk PanKwake home. Two cab rides are her limit. But I was simply exhausted. I got two-thirds of the way home. But when we came to the uphill bit, I thought…I can’t do this. PanKwake was napping in her buggy so I turned back and went into town. I’ll just run into £Land for a couple things and then get a cab home. 

But, of course, no such luck. PanKwake woke up. So here I am with a hungry child, walking around downtown as it is closing, looking for a jacket potato. We ended up in Tesco…who did have them.

And I made a wonderful discovery…PanKwake has reached the developmental stage where I can bribe her. Yes, I hear all that judgement coming my way. But I don’t care. After years of HAVING to walk no matter how I felt, yesterday was a complete blessing.

Of course, it is not something I want to do often. Shoppie dolls are expensive. And I don’t want to make it a habit. But it was nice to know I can…in emergencies.

But when I got home…I could not make dinner for Cookie Monster either. We ended up ordering Chinese…something else I hate doing.

The point of all this is not poor-me, but a reminder to myself and others with health issues…

You Only Have So Many Spoons Each Day…Be Careful How You Use Them!!!!

Next week I will do some things differently as a result of this experience.

  1. I will make dinner the day before.
  2. I will climb that hill…no matter what. I could have been home an hour and a half and £50 sooner if I had just toughed it out.
  3. Most importantly…I will be more aware of my spoons…how many I am using and how many I have left. That way it won’t sneak up on it like it did yesterday.

I do though want to say how wonderful it was seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Our home ed group is one of the best things about Swansea…besides the ever wonderful, amazing, and perfect Cookie Monster that is. (Yeah, he was brilliant yesterday too…so understanding and babied me.)

OK…off to another day. More Pineapple and Cookie Jr…and a house to clean. But at least my blog is written.

And yes…I am very much aware of my spoons today. I hope you are too.

Published by Tara Cox

Writer of Literary Erotica Real-life, hot sex, deep meaning... In my day job, I am homemaker, home educator, urban farmer, and homesteader at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

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