Two Steps Forward, One Step Back: Article Review

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back an article that appeared in the online Disability Science Review is to date the most #Neurodivergent friendly one that I have read.


The article examines the issue of ‘regressive’ autism, i.e. when a child appeared to be developing normally as a baby and toddler only to lose milestones and develop autism.

This article picks apart the science behind those assumptions pointing out just how subjective science itself and especially anecdotal observation can be when used as evidence to support theories.

Clinicians relied on studying developmental trajectories after the fact, even though researchers in other areas of psychology are well aware of the inaccuracy of human memory:

But even beyond this exposure of the ‘experts’, the thing that earned this one its kudos was it use of appropriate language:

Yet, when we actually measure autistic children’s language and social development, we see a different reality.

Rather than a rare subtype of autism, some degree of “regression” may be part of most autistic children’s development.

But this is my favorite quote from the article…

This isn’t the first time autism researchers and clinicians have made assumptions, supported by faulty methodology and bias, that turned out to be wrong.

But rather than waste your time reading what I think about this one, I encourage you to click and read it for yourself.

We need more of this type unbiased and logical investigation and reporting in autism research.


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