What Is Education? Pt. 2

Yesterday, we talked about how schools are failing our little humans. And trust me, I just scratched the surface on that one.

But today, I’d like to move on to THE question…

What IS Education?











The greatest minds of ancient civilization…and even they questioned the status quo of the ‘education system’ of their times.






Writers, philosophers, men of faith through the ages have all questioned the status quo of education. Surely, we have paid heed to their words? Certainly our modern brethren have better to say of education?


images                                      Mandella

And the voices grow louder from the educators, futurists, and entrepreneurs of the 20th and 21st centuries.

This one from the founder of the child development movement says a lot about what is wrong with our education systems…


But this one from futurists and editor of Fortune magazine Alvin Toffler might have become my favorite…and the basis upon which I prepare PanKwake for a life in the unknown future.


The question then becomes…if the best minds of the ages for millenia have been decrying the status quo of education…

Why has nothing changed?

Is it even possible to reform or recreate an education system that works for every child? Seeing the unique genius of the individual? Nurturing that gift and preparing the individual to meet the ever changing world in which we live?

I do not believe it is. For one simple reason…the nature of any system. But that too I will save…for another day.

Do you believe there is hope? That schools can change? The education systems of the US and UK reformed to meet the needs of the individual?

And what was your favorite quote? What do you believe is the purpose of education?





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