Unschooling Mommys…

A few months ago, I began Mommy Mondays. Each Monday a small group of Moms…mostly home ed…meet at #HomeCrazzyHome.

We have a pot luck lunch with me making something…vegetarian or vegan. And other bringing whatever they like along to share.

The children entertain themselves…complete free play and minimally invasive education. PanKwake taught one of her friends MineCraft and Roblox. They have also drafted us Moms into making bath bombs and candles with them…their choice. And then there was the time that PanKwake shared her life hack from YouTube on how to make a confetti bomb from a loo roll and a balloon. I had sequins and glitter all over this house for a month after that one.

Originally though the intent was to ‘teach’ each other new skills. I was going to share my goal setting strategies and another friend her theories of mind. It was going to be a chance for our little humans to see that Mommys too could learn and grow.

But from the beginning, we have spent as much time in our own brand of free play as in ‘lessons’. In fact, after the first couple I totally dropped the formal ‘lessons’. We still had a thought for the week…a topic of discussion.

Though honestly we talked about…and did everything. Menopause has been a recurring theme. As has sex…not while little humans are in the room. I have been brought out Sulis, my flogger, and nice garter belt. Yes, it is that Crazzy. What did you expect from me?

But last week was a turning point. No theme. Nothing. Just a couple of us…

Mommy Monday

Sitting around in onesies!!!

We started talking movies…and before you knew it…we were watching X-Men: Apocalypse. It was awesome! The movie and Mommy Monday. Despite the interruptions (there are ALWAYS interruptions from the little humans), we had a blast.

The movie was over and I was chillin’ as my friend GoldenDelight got ready to leave. And it hit me…

Even the Mommys were #RadiCoolUnschooling!

And trust me…for this girl X-Men is almost a spiritual experience…especially since I had not seen Apocalypse before this.

So tomorrow we do it all again. Delight has said she is bringing another movie for us…but honestly who knows what Crazzy sh^t we’ll get up to this time.

If you are a Swansea local friend I invite you along to join in the fun. And if you aren’t I encourage you to start your very own MommyMondays. Oh, and Daddys are welcome too. Cookie Monster joins us sometimes.

But wouldn’t you know it. The little humans are taking over. Last week they demanded equal billing. So now it is known as…


Mommy & Munchkin Mondays!


Published by Tara Cox

Writer of Literary Erotica Real-life, hot sex, deep meaning... In my day job, I am homemaker, home educator, urban farmer, and homesteader at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

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