18 Life Lessons for 2018 #14

This one confuses people about me…


Yes, Little Ms. #UnConditionalLove fights to WIN!

In fact, I have taught PanKwake the same. After her one disastrous year in school, where a four year old was bullied to the point of losing herself, I spent quite a lot of effort teaching her my three points for handling a bully…

  1. Explain nicely. Most people are not assholes. They are just ignorant. If you explain why you do/are different then 95% of time that is all it takes.
  2. Involve the adults. If that does not work, then find an authority figure…parent, teacher, police, whatever…
  3. WIN!!! But as life teaches us sometimes those who are supposed to care for and protect us, don’t. In that case, this meme is the fall back.

Whether it is war (Yes, there are times for even war. Jesus had his limits, folks.) or the playground, there are times when we must fight.

But if you are pushed that to point…then WIN!!!

I remember a time when I actually cheered PanKwake on as she blew sand in a little boy’s eyes. Oh, yes, I did…and I won’t apologize for it either.

We had been playing in the park. A nearby church dismissed their children…UNSUPERVISED. A couple of the children started picking on PanKwake because of her speech.

She tried #1. And this time, they kept on. So, she came to me. I tried. And they kept on. I marched her over to that church. I spoke to the preacher. As a former preacher’s wife, I know my bible. I quoted it to him. I asked him what type of witness he thought his church was being? His response…kids will be kids.

So, I told PanKwake…Win!!! She grabbed hands full of sand from the sandbox and started throwing it in their eyes. Oh, boy, did those Mamas get upset then. How could I stand by and allow my little monster to do that to their babies? I laughed. In their faces. And told them that my child had the right to protect herself…at any cost.

Did we win? Well, those children were never allowed to play unsupervised in that park while the adults ‘praised Jesus’ again. So you tell me.

Yes, this one may at first glance seem totally out of keeping with my view of the world…but it really isn’t. Not when you consider that it is the ‘last resort’.

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Writer of Literary Erotica Real-life, hot sex, deep meaning... In my day job, I am homemaker, home educator, urban farmer, and homesteader at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

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