The Theory of Neurotypicalism

Yesterday, I saw an article about yet ANOTHER theory of autism (as if there are not enough of them already…should have stopped well before Theory of Mind).

This one has the infamous name of the Glass Jar Theory of autism. It postulates that even around people the autistic can/do feel isolated and alone.

*F* Any intelligent, thoughtful person feels that at a dinner party where everyone around them is chattering away about holidays/vacations, cars, and work.


That is my idea of being with/around other people.

So then am I ‘autistic’ because I hate this small talk BS? Maybe?!?! Goddess knows I have struggled with that very questions for months.

But that is not today’s story…

As always when I come across this kind of BS, I asked the #HomeCrazzyHome in-house EXPERT in autism…PanKwake. I explained the theory to her and asked what she thought. She paused in her video game…though she was fighting zombies…you know it was serious then. And she said…

Maybe for some people…

So I pushed just a bit more and asked if that was how she felt. She said NO. Which definitely does not surprise me as I had just watched her with her younger #neurodivergent (mostly undiagnosed) friend. She was so incredibly empathetic when he got upset. More so than most #neurotypicals whose ’empathy’ extends no further than reading from an approved scripts without any improv.

As I climbed the stairs up to my computer and this Tweet. I thought how accurate her assessment of this theory was…

Maybe for some people.

And it struck me…WHY? Why do we need a theory of autism at all? Why do ‘experts’ assume that just one factor applies to all autistic people?

We don’t assume that ONE theory of #Neurotypicalism applies to ALL NTs!

Then my thoughts jumped back to yesterday’s blog and the clip from the Matrix that I had used…

And I thought…turn about is fair play. So here is MY theory of #Neurotypicalism.

Neurotypicals are blue pill people. They have always willing swallowed whatever AUTHORITY tells them is the ‘truth’…without question. They do not want the red pill…ever.

One of the ways that I kept my balance when it was just me and PanKwake was to take free on-line classes. To keep my mind active. To have some adult time whenever it was that she slept. To challenge myself and continue to grow.

One of the courses that I took was on human psychology. I forget the exact name…and I would not give it even if I did remember as I am about to diss the whole thing. It was something along the lines of the shallowness of the human mind. The whole premise was that human decisions were more gut instinct than carefully thought out.

But it was one experiment that they highlighted which was the nail in the coffin of this course. The researchers brought subjects in and went through a bunch of questions with them. But the real purpose was one question in particular.

The subject was given two photos of the opposite sex and asked to choose the one that they found most appealing. The researchers then went on to ask several more questions for a while (10 or 15 minutes). The researcher then hands the subject a photo and asks…why did you choose this one? Here is the catch…

The researcher handed the subject the photo that he had NOT chosen.

To the researcher the purpose was studying how the mind of the subjects justified the ‘wrong’ photo. But for me…I wanted to know…what about the ones that said…NO! That is the one I choose. But there was no evidence…no interest in that in the study.

Yet I knew that in that situation I would have politely told the researcher…I am sorry. That is NOT the one I choose. And even if pressed, I would not have given into authority. Right down to walking out the room…after telling them where to shove that other photo.

It is minds like that which I find fascinating. That I want around me. The Unplugged!

There just don’t seem to be many of those types in the #Neurotypical community.

That, folks, is my Theory of #Neurotypicalism…

Blue pill people who are shallow and willing enslaved to everything that authority supports. Who worry more about what others think of them than the Truth.

Thank the sweet goddess that whether or not I am #ActuallyAutistic, I know 100% that I am #ActuallyNeurodivergent.

Disclaimer: All of this satirical/tongue in cheek. The #NeuroDiversity Paradigm recognizes that this world is big enough for and actually needs all brain types. It is not my intent to alienate #neurotypicals but rather to point out the obvious…

Not all #neurodivergent or #ActuallyAutistics are alike…anymore than all #Neurotypicals. No ‘theory’ of autism can cover everyone. Any more than a theory of ‘Normal’ can. And for me as a #neurodivergent person, I do not want a theory of my mind other than #Acceptance of #NeuroDiversity. 

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