#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 68

This one is going to be incredibly short…because today is HUGE!

Today is our first PanKwake party at #HomeCrazzyHome. The Easter party!

I talked before about how crucial socialization is for us…the myth that home educated children are isolated. In fact, social skills have been one of the primary life skills that are the bedrock of our Radical Unschooling.

And along with home ed group activities, going to the park, and play dates, PanKwake’s parties are part of that. The parties especially because it ties into other life skills…

  • Menu planning and Cooking…
  • Hostessing and Etiquette…
  • and of course Planning and Organizing…
  • Math too…she loves putting the goody bags together which involves counting, addition, subtraction, estimation and when I can now multiplication too.
A last minute…Thank You for Being My Friend party…in a park near our London flat.

Our friends may look at #HomeCrazzyHome or even his old house and think this is all something new…but the truth is…we have been doing it for years. In our dinky, dingy two bedroom flat in London…or in parks…we always found away.

So it was with a great deal of regret that we skipped Valentine’s this year. But it was only three days after the move…so just not possible.

How many parties do we do each year?

  • Valentine’s
  • Easter
  • Now May Day…as it is mine and Cookie Monster’s anniversary. It is our new fav.
  • Fourth of July
  • End of Summer/Back to School/PanKwake’s half birthday
  • Halloween
  • Guy Fawks Day
  • Thanksgiving
  • and of course Christmas.

There is sometimes one or two more thrown in there…like my birthday. But if you noticed, we are missing a very big one for most children…PanKwake’s birthday. That is because it is right after New Year’s and Christmas. So every time we have tried to have one…no one showed up. That is why we moved it to the middle of summer.

2013-10-11 21.46.53
Billy has so many birthdays!

And this does not count all those surprise parties that we have done…sometimes on the very spur of moment for her dolls. Billy, her special doll, has had so many birthdays you would not believe it. Which usually meant a quick trip to £Land for something…which always turned into more than just one thing of course. Of course, as old as we think that doll is…he is just catching up.

No, parties and Radical Unschooling have always gone together in this #HomeCrazzyHome….and even before.

And if you did not receive an invite to this Easter party, I am sorry. But even two months after moving in…we still do not have the house safe enough for one of our big ones. So this turned out to be a BFF (Best Friends Forever) party…only six children. But we are working hard to get it together…

And the Fourth of July is coming up! Yes, an American holiday in the very heart of Wales. That is just our kind of…


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