#100 Days of Home Ed…Day 69

Happy Easter!

And sorry we went missing again. But had a great excuse…

That was the aftermath of PanKwake’s first party in #HomeCrazzyHome!

So I spent the morning cleaning instead of blogging. Then I did something I rarely do…I vegetated with DVDs. In other words…I took a ME day. Or what passes as one for me anyway.

I watched two of my favorite movies…The Day After Tomorrow and X-Men: Days of Future Past. I like First Class better but I have seen it so often that I thought it would be good to watch my second fav instead.

I really like the intro…

The future: a dark, desolate world. A world of war, suffering, loss on both sides. Mutants, and the humans who dared to help them, fighting an enemy we cannot defeat. Are we destined down this path, destined to destroy ourselves like so many species before us? Or can we evolve fast enough to change ourselves… change our fate? Is the future truly set?

Pretty deep question! I can’t wait for PanKwake to get to the point that she can watch things other than cartoons. She will LOVE this one. It sort of goes along with one of her favorite conspiracy theories…the Mandela Effect.

Yes, my eleven year old autistic daughter can understand and critically think about such things as this and even the evolution of mutants. Even though she struggles to read a few words.

That is the beauty and complexity of the brain!

And why Radical Unschooling is the only way for her.

Because we can focus upon the things that she likes to keep her interest. We can do more of the things that she is good at like…science, computers, and art. It keeps her interested in learning long past a time when other children in schools would have given up…experienced Cognitive Death…shut down….wanted nothing to do with learning.

Speaking of art…

PanKwake made those at her Easter party. And no, I don’t have any pictures from the actual party. I am going to have to hire a photographer…because I get so focused on the kids and their fun that I completely forget to take photos. The ones that I do have of past parties are almost always from other parents.

But I think the consensus was…

A good time was had by all!

Next one will be a family friendly and small dinner party to celebrate mine and Cookie Monster’s first anniversary. Also known as May Day! But that is just the beginning of the summer party fun…my birthday…America’s…Cookie’s…PanKwake’s Half b-day. Oh, the joys….and the messes.

But it beats the heck out of electricians…drills and dust equal to a small volcanic eruption. So I guess we are making some progress?

After all, this is the…


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