#100 Days of Home Ed – Day 75

I admit…I am losing count. And at times repeating myself…but then repetition is how we learn, right?

Not always! There are many ways to learn. For me…I need to read it. Ironic, considering my own mild dyslexia meant I did not read until I was ten. But even now, one of my biggest problems with online learning is its reliance upon video. I don’t get half of what they are saying and struggle to keep up. I want it in black and white…on paper or a screen it does not matter…but in writing.

Not so with PanKwake. That visual and short term memory stuff again. Now she learns either by hearing…and spewing her facts…like the one about brown eyed people getting two hours less sleep on average…she is full of those. This is her primary way of teaching herself. And she is getting better and better at it too. Last night she was up with her iPad learning how to make banners or something in Minecraft…from a YouTube video. That would drive me nuts trying to follow along with what they said.

2013-05-04 20.59.59
My little dance diva even back then…

But few of us learn only one way…most of us have secondary or even multiple ways of absorbing new information. PanKwake’s other one is kinesthetically. That is a long fancy word for…just doing something. That is why she loves sports and all forms of movement. She spent a long time today teaching herself new dance moves…that she made up. It is also why she enjoys and learns so much from her art. And gardening…growing butterflies…and loads of other things too.

The thing is that for a kinesthetic learner like PanKwake schools have little to offer. It is repetition in worksheets, reading and listening but very little hands on activities…even now. And the older the student gets the less opportunity for kinesthetic learning.

Another reason why Radical Unschooling and Home Ed work so well in this #HomeCrazzyHome for Pankwake.

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Writer of Literary Erotica Real-life, hot sex, deep meaning... In my day job, I am homemaker, home educator, urban farmer, and homesteader at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

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