AWE-tism Acceptance – Day 21

I don’t often do this…but this has always been a hot spot with me. So when I saw this blog in my Twitter feed I just had to read it. And I knew then I had to share it too.

Like the article says ABA or Applied Behavioral Analysis is the most ‘accepted’ ‘therapy’ out there. In fact, it is pretty much the basis of ANY help you or your child will receive either from ‘experts’ or schools. And one of the biggest reasons that I home educate PanKwake.

My older daughter worked as a teaching assistant in schools for over five years…primarily with those with autism. She was constantly arguing with me about this. Forcing it down my throat…judging what I did with PanKwake. And when she babysat her sister…she used those techniques. Needless to say, she only babysat when I was desperate. (Though I am eternally grateful to her for the Sunday morning that I had my first ‘date’ with Cookie Monster.)

Then she went to university and was exposed to other ideologies…more advanced theories of education and child development. I will never forget the morning that I received a text message from her…Mommy, I’m sorry for everything I ever said about how you are raising PanKwake. You are doing the right thing for her. I cried. Even more so when we spoke on the phone.

But even then…those seeds were planted deep…like the nastiest weeds that choke out all the beautiful flowers and stop your garden from producing its fruits and vegetables. I am going to share a secret with you. My daughter has not spoken to me in nine months. Because she believed that I should FORCE PanKwake on a three and a half hour train trip…each way…to have lunch with her and her brothers. She got those ideas from ABA.

Even with our beloved Mog…after a decade working in schools like my daughter…though she was burned out and like this woman questioning the ‘accepted’ methods…she has found my methods…challenging.

The problem is…that with Pathological Demand Avoidance, PDA, ABA not only does not work…it makes thing worse. Yet, schools and experts keep pushing it on the children and families. It is one of the biggest arguments in favor of a separate diagnosis of PDA as opposed to high-functioning autism.

Because as this blog says…everyone with autism is pretty much the same to these people. And if their method ain’t working then the problem is the child…the parents…the family. It becomes a nasty blame game and the biggest victim is our children.

I have gone on way longer than I meant to…and I’ll warn you now this article ain’t short either…but it is important. Especially if you are someone that cares for an autistic child. Please take the time to read it and carefully consider its warnings…

I abused children for a living…


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