Myth Buster Friday #6

There are so many #AutismMyths out there. They are not just about ‘naughty children’ either. Autism is a LIFELONG difference. As we looked at the other day, #Autism is NOT something that you outgrow as you get older like PanKwake has her seizures. Yet there is so little known in terms of research about how it truly effects the #ActuallyAutistic adults. Everything is still very much anecdotal.

But one of those #AutismMyths about adults concerns RELATIONSHIPS!

The stereotypical view of a #Neurodivergent adult is someone living at home late into life…perhaps even a virgin.

And while there may be an element of that, it is far from the whole truth.

Many #ActuallyAutistic adults do have relationships. Some marry. Some have children.

But obviously I am not the person to speak about that as we are far from that point with PanKwake. So I asked one of my online #ActuallyAutistic friends to share her thoughts on RELATIONSHIPS with you.

While I know more than just one #neurodivergent individual in a relationship, I choose #NeuroRebel for this one specifically because of the playful, supportive, warmth that comes through on the videos that include her partner. Like Cookie and I…you can just see how right these two are. (No pressure here, NeuroRebel.)

So rather than me prattle on anymore about something I know only second hand, let me turn the floor over to someone who does….NeuroRebel (Oh, and she does loads of insightful videos and blogs. If I were you, I’d subscribe to her both on YouTube and WordPress.)

A huge THANK YOU to NeuroRebel. I know that she found this one difficult, but I think it was worth it. So please like and subscribe. She tells it like it is.

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