Anxiety, PDA, ocd and are we thinking about this all wrong?

I wanted to share with you all this thought provoking piece from another REAL life expert. A Mom desperate to find reasons and things that work for her PDAer…when the option that we are offered by those other ‘experts’ make no sense.

This is Part One so I will be sharing the next one when it comes along. I hope you will be waiting as excitedly as I am.


I have done a lot of learning about anxiety in the past couple of years. I am someone who has a lot of anxiety.  I can come in from a totaly personal perspective when I read about it. Not satisfied with a lot of what I read, I have been on a quest to not only understand it, manage it and live with it, but to own it, love it and naturally intergrate it. If it had just been myself suffering silently, I might not have dug so deep. But you see, my PDA daughter and my drive to help her, has allowed me to open my mind to all anxiety’s possibilities. The experts tell us that PDA has its roots in anxiety. Meaning that at the base of PDA behavior, ie the resistance and the refusal, is anxiety. Other than working with the neurological differences of an autistic brain…

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