18 Life Lessons X-Men Version #6

I could not find a clip for this one…but for me it is one of the best. And a key to understanding Raven/Mystique.

Hank McCoy: I have a surprise for you. I…isolated the right marker in your DNA sample. The serum works like an anti-biotic, attacking the cells that cause our physical mutation. It won’t affect our abilities, just our appearance. You do still wanna do this?
Should we have to hide?
Hank McCoy: Well, you already do. You’re hiding right now, like I have my whole life. I don’t wanna feel like a freak all the time. I just wanna look…
Raven: …normal.
Hank McCoy: Yeah.
Raven: Hank, don’t! You’re beautiful, Hank. Everything you are, you’re perfect. Look at all of us? Look at all we’ve achieved this week? All we will achieve? We are different. But we shouldn’t be trying to fit into society. Society should aspire to be more like us. Mutant and proud.
[she shape shifts to her natural blue form]
Hank McCoy: Well then, it behooves me to tell you, that even if we save the world tomorrow, and mutants are accepted into society, that my feet and your natural blue form will never be deemed beautiful.
[she shape shifts back into her human form]
Hank McCoy: You look more beautiful now. We need this cure.

My heart breaks for Raven…one of the moments when Mystique is born. This is the second time that she is rejected…her true form. By men she loves. By her OWN KIND, no less.

Get that, folks. Rejected not by society…but by other mutants…for being too different. There is some deep truths in that.

I did though find this video clip of what happens next…

Sometimes we need to be accepted for WHO we are so badly…even if from the ‘wrong’ person. Someone who uses us. Who tells us what we want/need to hear. Even if the words are true…the person may not be good for us.

Don’t get me wrong…I LOVE Raven/Mystique. I see myself in her. Pain that bears strength. Rejection that inspires a love for truth. I am so pleased at how the movies have developed her character into a woman that stands on her own…unique and different from Charles…or Hank…or Erik.

And those words…

We are different. But we shouldn’t be trying to fit into society. Society should aspire to be more like us. Mutant and proud.

They are core to that.

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