18 Life Lessons X-Men Version #5

This scene is another of my favorites. (Do you get the feeling that when it comes to X-Men I have a lot of those?) But you need to understand the back story in order to appreciate it. So watch it…and then I will explain…

OK…that was cool, right?

But it is even more awesome when you realize that up until that point Dr X had been holding Jean back…*f*ing in her head…undermining her self-confidence.

You see Jean Grey is a Level 5 mutant…stronger than either Magneto or Dr X. But from early in the first movie you see how screwed up she was…how she lacked self-confidence.

Then in movie 3…The Cure…she destroys Dr X. After you find out that he had spent years…the whole time she was at his school…building barriers in her mind.

Even at the beginning of this movie you see him doing the same thing…when she has a nightmare predicting all of this.


Because she was TOO?!?! strong…

I.E. stronger than the teacher…than the adults…than him!

That bugged the shit out of me. How could anyone think of Dr X as this good guy when he felt it was perfectly acceptable to screw around in a young girl’s mind…without informed consent?

Do any of my #ActuallyAutistic friends see any parallels here with ABA therapy and #AutismParents?

So when this scene came…I was torn between tears and shouting I was so elated. That the ‘teacher’ is saved by the student.

And the cherry on the cake? She does not do it alone. It is her powers that release the gifts in the others…to be a mighty team…to defeat the evil.

How different this first coming into her full powers is than the scene in The Cure where she begs Wolverine to kill her because she is tormented and torn apart from within by those same gifts.

The difference? How those she trusted saw her…A monster to be kept under tight control…or an incredibly gifted and powerful individual capable of great things.

Trust…is the key.

Do you trust your #neurodivergent little human? Do you have faith that she is going to be OK in the end? Or are you undermining him and belittling him all the time?

Or are you Jean Grey? Have you allowed others to define you and your gifts/talents? It is too easy to believe in people like Dr X. He seems to genuinely care about you…and he may. But that does not make his methods all right.

In some ways they are more dangerous than Magneto’s. You see that not only with Jean but with Raven too. Hank as well. Because he can hide his gifts…he believes it is best that others do too.

When the controversy broke over that nasty book #ToSiri I shared the story of my older son’s pediatrician. The man was the most caring and brilliant doctor I have ever met. Compassionate. Took hours with each person.

He also suggested to me that I sterilize my son with #neurofibromatosis. So he could not pass it on to the next generation. He said that he saw too many NF parents not coping with NF children. Not able to care for them. But that does not make forced sterilization acceptable, folks.

The lesson is…even ‘experts’ who care deeply don’t always know what is right for YOU or your little human. 

Sometimes good people do and think bad things.

Trust Yourself!

And rise like a Phoenix from the fires within!


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