#100DaysOfHomeEd – Day 7

I’m feeling a bit more human today. While I did have to get up and make @PanKwake food in the middle of the night, my peopling is over. At least for a while. Her friend went home last night. So, no giggling teens in the clubhouse next to our bedroom.

As I said, it was worth it. Socialization, the positive kind, is my greatest responsibility as a parent-facilitator of self-directed learning.

Whether that is spending time in the little park out front of our flat with a toddler…

Or hours upon hours playing tag with @PanKwake and strangers in one of the large ones…

Or dragging her from pillar to post for one home education activity after another…

It just goes with the territory.

But like me, @PanKwake is most comfortable socializing in our @HomeCrazzyHome.

@PanKwake has always loved parties. Whether it was a tea party when Princess Kate-a-rella married her Prince Charming, or birthday parties for her dolls, or holidays, she is always up for a party.

Even before we moved to Swansea we had parties in our tiny London flat to celebrate major holidays like Halloween, Christmas, and Easter. But when we moved and had more room, we went wild. Instead of three or four people, we had DOZENS. In fact, our largest Thanksgiving was three dozen – thirty-six people.

I admit, it is a bit stressful and overwhelming for me. And for @PanKwake, too.

Eventually, we scaled it back a bit. Instead of, or sometimes in addition to, those huge holiday celebration, we had Sunday afternoon/evening open houses that I called F4 (Friends, Food, Fun & Filosophy). @PanKwake called them 3G (Good food, Games & Gossip). It was anywhere from one other family to a dozen people. Still tiring for this misanthrope, but she coped much better.

When 2020 rolled around, I had sworn I was not doing it every Sunday. Once or perhaps twice a month was enough for me. Of course, Covid put an end to all of it.

And when it’s over? We’re already planning what our next socialization project will be…

Friday’s Friends – self-directed after school projects for teens in our home.

We have loads of science kits, craft supplies, a permaculture garden, and loads more. As well as a music, gaming, gymnastics, sensory, and clubhouse rooms. Honestly, @HomeCrazzyHome is better kitted out than most community centers and many schools.

Because when you choose home education and especially self-directed learning, that is your primary responsibility – provide a safe, secure, and inclusive learning environment.

Published by Tara Cox

Writer of Literary Erotica Real-life, hot sex, deep meaning... In my day job, I am homemaker, home educator, urban farmer, and homesteader at our @HomeCrazzyHome.

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